Handmade Semi Precious Amethyst Natural Gemstones 8.5mm Round Beads Stretch Elastic Bracelets 7" Unisex

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Natural amethyst gemstone round beads in 8.5mm dia, Total 22pcs. Total length: 7 inches. Use korean high quality silicone for the string through the beads. Long time wearing amethyst jewelry has Great Benefits to people's physical and mental health. Amethyst represents the spiritual, mental, and a high level of love, also amethyst is regarded as 'honest' and 'pure love', more touch with natural gemstones will more improve the spiritual and increase the wisdom. Some benefits of wearing natural gemstones products: Besides the natural gemstones are beautiful to wear, also can be used as healing crystals and chakra stones because natural gemstones are widely known for being energy conductors that amplify, restore and create energies within our bodies and minds. With its unique properties, color and pattern, natural gemstone jewelry is always popular to wear among women and men throughout the history. They are great gifts for Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Graduation, Bridal/Wedding, Easter, Baptism, or any other special occasion you would like to make memorable. For me, there are 2 important things about wearing natural gemstone products: One is that when you do meditation or prayer, it has a very positive effect. Another is that when you give to someone as a gift, you bring your blessings and wishes into the natural gemstone product, when your friends or relatives receive the gift, they will also receive your blessings and wishes. Both things are very meaningful!